12 Nov

The role of a Boston Crime Lawyer can help you get a new and better deal when you have been arrested and charged with a crime. Your criminal attorney will be able to negotiate with your jail or court officials on your behalf in order to reduce your jail time, reduce your charges, or even get the charges dismissed. With these rights, it is easy for you to get out of a bad situation and stay out of jail.

A Boston criminal attorney may work on a case-by-case basis, but they will not only have the resources and experience that a court has to offer but they will be able to work with a specific situation that you are facing. For instance, if you have been arrested on a drug offense in Massachusetts, your attorney may not only be able to reduce your jail time, but reduce the amount of time that you spend in prison. Instead of serving 20 years of time in prison for possessing a controlled substance, your attorney may be able to get the judge to reduce your jail time to nine years or less. Your attorney may be able to even negotiate with the state that you will not be fingerprinted, that you will not be photographed, or that you will be given a work release.

In addition to getting out of jail, your attorney may also be able to prevent any additional jail time from being added to your sentence. Your case may have been dismissed due to your own good actions or lack thereof; however, there may be other things that occurred during the arrest that could add to your punishment. If you were arrested after resisting arrest, the charges may be upgraded and put on hold until your attorney can take care of the case.

Criminal defense lawyers have an array of resources to use when they represent clients. These resources include public records, research on local courts, as well as family and friends that can provide information about your case. Even if you are facing a serious criminal case, you can expect that your lawyer can use legal methods to help get you the right results. Your criminal lawyer will also be able to give you tips on what you should do if the charges against you are too serious for you to handle.

The type of lawyer that you choose will depend on the nature of the case that you are facing. Some cases may require that you hire an experienced attorney while others may call for someone with no experience at all. Although it is a good idea to have an attorney to handle your case, you may not want to spend the money for their services if it is a minor case. Instead, contact a Boston criminal lawyer for help with a more complex case.

In any case, if you have been arrested for anything, whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony, your first priority is to get home arrest approved by the court. You must have this court order in order to stand trial, fight the charges, and prove your innocence or guilt.

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